Brown-Wilbert, Inc.

Our products provide peace of mind for funeral homes,
cemeteries, and the families they serve.

Our newest addition, Caskets are offering funeral homes better selection and unbeatable prices.

Our Septic Tanks are recognized as the best quality in Minnesota.

Brown-Wilbert has been in business for over 92 years.

Brown-Wilbert has 19 Locations in the Midwest.

Fourth Generation Chandler Family owned and Operated.

Largest Septic Tank manufacturer and supplier in the State of

Largest Manufacturer of Cremation and Mausoleum Niches in

Why a Lined Burial Vault is Better!

Superior engineering and advanced technology combines with hand craftsmanship to produce every Wilbert vault. High-quality structural concrete is the basis of our vaults’ strength and durability. Additional strength is added in the bonded interior liners, made of high-impact thermoformed plastics such as ABS Marbelon®, ABS Trilon® or Strentex®. Beauty and additional strength are added with interior linings of stainless steel, copper or bronze.

Wilbert® Reinforced
Burial Vaults
High-Strength Concrete
ABS Trilon® Plastic
Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel Metal

Not All Burial Receptacles Provide the Same Protection

There are several factors that weigh upon a burial vault. For instance, there is the heavy equipment necessary for maintaining the cemetery grounds that pass over the burial vault during cemetery operations. To keep the grave from collapsing under the weight, a strong, durable vault is essential.


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