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You can hold all the same services for cremation as you would for traditional burial.
A funeral service recognizes the deceased and comforts those in grief.
It is usually held in a funeral home or at a church. The closed casket is
often present, and cremation follows the service. Many funerals are
religious, but they do not have to be.
Memorial Ceremony
A memorial ceremony commemorates the life of the deceased. Musical
selections, special speakers, candle lighting, keepsakes, and a memory
table can all add meaning to the ceremony. Memorial ceremonies are often
held in a funeral home or at a church, although they are usually not religious.
The urn may or may not be present.
Family and friends can pay their respects and express their love and support
at the visitation, which is usually informal and held at the funeral home. An open
or closed casket may be displayed.
You may decide to organize a formal or informal gathering at the funeral home or
another location to memorialize your loved one. The casket is not present at a
Memory Table
A memory table with pictures and mementos of your loved one celebrates treasured
thoughts and memories. It can also accompany a visitation, gathering, funeral, or
memorial ceremony.
A graveside service provides an intimate final goodbye. It is usually a simple service
with poetry or scripture readings.
Burial, Permanent Possession, Columbarium Urn Niche Placement, or Scattering
While some families keep the remains, most choosing cremation decide to bury them.
Many hold a public or graveside service where others can bid their final farewells.
A service can also accompany placement of the urn in a columbarium niche or an
above-ground structure protected by glass, marble, granite, or bronze.
Some families hold a service if scattering the remains over an honorary place of
remembrance at land or sea (where approved by local ordinances or laws).


The urn holds your loved one’s cremated remains. Which urn you
select depends on your loved one’s personality, as well as on the
urn’s style, color, cost, and level of craftmanship.
Wilbert offers more than 35 urn choices in wide-ranging styles
and sizes constructed of solid-cast bronze, pewter, hardwoods,
plastics,and other durable materials.
Artistic Collection
Hardwood Collection
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Wilbert Memorial Series™ Mementos
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If you plan on ground burial for the urn, many cemeteries may require
it be placed in an urn vault. Lined urn vaults provide varying levels of
protection against subsoil elements and weight of the earth.
A lined urn vault is made of high-strength concrete and reinforced with
durable plastic or a combination of durable plastic and metal (copper,
bronze, or stainless steel).
Leading funeral professionals throughout North America recommend
Wilbert lined urn vaults for superior protection and lasting peace of mind.
Your funeral director can help you select a lined urn vault that suits your
style and budget.



The death of a loved one leaves behind unforgettable memories
that touch family and friends long after death.
Families arranging the funeral often desire to define and communicate
that personality with clarity and resonance.
Wilbert offers limitless personalization options for burial vaults and
urn vaults. These choices let you tell your loved one’s singular story.
Images, emblems, engraved words and verses, handwritten personal
observations—however you choose to express your loved one’s life,
Wilbert provides you the way.
Life’s Reflections®
Legacy™ Series Prints
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